Your Dreams Are Too Small EBOOK

Your Dreams Are Too Small EBOOK

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A quick read that will last forever. That’s how one reader described Your Dreams Are Too Small. This story will inspire you to raise your own sites and dream bigger dreams, and equip you with the tools you need to fulfill those dreams.

“Joe Tye's book, Your Dreams Are Too Small is one of the best books I've ever read. This book absolutely blew me away for the entire read. In my opinion, it ranks right up there with the classics… What Tye has done in this book is provide us a roadmap to achieving our own goals and dreams by encasing his wisdom within a really fun and inspiring story. I would – and will – recommend this book to anyone.”

Bob Burg, author of Winning Without Intimidation and Endless Referrals

Excerpt from the book:

Terry pulled an audiocassette tape from his shirt pocket and plugged it into the car’s tape player, then pushed the play button. It played the familiar music from the Richardson Automotive commercials, but when the announcer’s voice came on, he was not selling cars—he was selling Terry Richardson. The ad was selling Terry, the natural-born entrepreneur; Terry the tough competitor; Terry, the customer service king; Terry, the wise and compassionate leader; Terry, the world’s greatest dad; and so forth. It was very professionally done, complete with music and sound effects.

“Every person on our team has one of these tapes, that’s been done especially for them. I had our ad agency do them. They asked us each to describe the ideal ‘me,’ and then made up the tape as though we had already arrived at that point. I ask everyone to listen to their tape as they’re driving to work, and then again as they’re driving home. You can tell the ones who are doing it; they’re a lot more confident, and they achieve better results.

“It’s like I said, Charlie. The starting point to success is selling yourself on yourself. In my business, advertising is like the fuel that keeps the car running. If I quit advertising, my sales would slow down and eventually the business would coast to a stop. Well, it’s the same thing in our personal lives. Positive visualization and self-talk is the advertising that we use to sell ourselves on ourselves. You need a tape like this, Charlie, and you need to keep playing it until you believe that you really belong behind the wheel of this expensive sports car.


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