Pickle Challenge Starter Kit
Pickle Challenge Starter Kit

Pickle Challenge Starter Kit

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In order to achieve optimal impact have Values Coach support your effort with The Pickle Challenge Package. The Package includes:

  • Introductory video by Values Coach CEO and Head Coach Joe Tye.
  • Video webinars on the personal and organizational costs of toxic emotional negativity and how to get the most from The Challenge.
  • 5 copies of the book Pickle Pledge: Creating a More Positive Healthcare Culture – One Attitude at a Time by Joe Tye and Bob Dent.*
  • 5 Pickle-Free Zone Door Hangers and 5 Pickle-Free Person buttons.*
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*Additional Service: Before-and-after Culture Assessment Surveys using the proprietary VCI-16 with follow-up consulting reports with comparison, observations and recommendations. Contact our office for additional details and cost.

* Additional books, buttons and door hangers are available from Values Coach