10th ANNIVERSARY EDITION - The Florence Prescription - Ships Mid-February
10th ANNIVERSARY EDITION - The Florence Prescription - Ships Mid-February
10th ANNIVERSARY EDITION - The Florence Prescription - Ships Mid-February

10th ANNIVERSARY EDITION - The Florence Prescription - Ships Mid-February

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In honor of the 200th birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale and 10 years in print.

The Florence Prescription is a fictional story with a very real-world message. In these challenging times, hospitals and other healthcare organizations need every possible hand on the oars. Fostering a culture of ownership isn’t just about creating a nice environment in which to work and receive care, though that it is. A culture of ownership is absolutely essential for recruiting and retaining great people, ensuring optimal productivity and safe patient-centered care, and meeting the increasingly tough demands being placed on our industry by society at large. Today’s hospitals can’t survive, much less thrive, with hired hands on the job – they need people who think like partners, people who own their work rather than just renting a spot on the organization chart. They need The Florence Prescription.

Advance Praise for The Florence Prescription

The Florence Prescription is an engaging and important book. Drawing on the extraordinary life and work of Florence Nightingale, this creative book underscores the timeless goals and values that have inspired generations of healthcare professionals - and demonstrates clearly why they are timeless and directly pertinent to the contemporary healthcare environment. Governing boards, clinicians, executives, and their associates in hospitals and other healthcare organization face daunting challenges today. Needs are boundless; resources are scarce. However, we all know, as did Florence Nightingale, that - by working together in creative ways - we can employ our resources more effectively and, in doing so, serve our patients, families, and communities better. This is, indeed, our shared duty and responsibility.”

Lawrence Prybil, PhD, FACHE, Professor, College of Public Health, The University of Iowa

“Required reading for any healthcare leader that wants to set their organization apart from all others. Joe Tye and Dick Schwab bring to life the wisdom of Florence Nightingale. In this fictional story they compel leaders to restore core values like compassion, respect, dignity and ownership as the only way to truly differentiate... and it means more today than ever before.”

M. Bridget Duffy, M.D., Chief Experience Officer, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

The Florence Prescription contains that unbeatable formula of timeless and timely wisdom packaged in a thoroughly entertaining story. In this story, Carol Jean Hawtrey reminds us that in these unpredictable times, organizations need leadership in every corner, not just in the corner office. Everyone – and I mean everyone – who works in a hospital can benefit from reading this book. Every healthcare leader should be striving to build a culture of ownership in his or her organization, and this book is the clearest and most helpful guide I’ve seen for achieving that cultural transformation.”

David G. Altman, Ph.D., Executive Vice President for Research, Innovation & Product Development, Center for Creative Leadership

The Florence Prescription is a delightful read because of the compelling case it makes for deploying the enduring and profound strategies ‘the first professional hospital administrator – Florence Nightingale’ made in her work almost 100 years ago. Her masterful blend of compassion, courage and discipline changed the lives of countless soldiers and can be an inspiration for healthcare leaders today. Part fiction, part reality, The Florence Prescription is fun to read and then pass on to all your colleagues.”

Todd Linden, President and CEO, Grinnell Regional Medical Center