Who we are

Values Coach Inc. is dedicated to helping you build a culture of ownership on a foundation of values. We offer training, consulting and education to help organizations transform their culture into ones of full employee ownership and engagement. We focus on individual values as drivers of behaviors and attitudes, leading to sustained organizational outcome improvements.

How we do it

Asses Your Culture: Values Coach has a unique survey to help you access the culture of your organization, identify potential problem areas, and offer recommendations for making it better.

Plan a Culture Change Event: This 3-day event will challenge your team on fostering an organizational culture and provide individuals with practical skills and tools for personal achievement.

Build a Culture of Ownership: Values Coach will guide you through a series of processes that ultimately builds a foundation of ownership, promotes a positive and productive environment, helps retain and recruit great people, and creates a sustainable, competitive advantage by capitalizing on the organization's Invisible Architecture.

Keynotes & Workshops: Joe Tye is the leading authority on strategies to foster a culture of ownership in organizations and a frequent speaker on values-based life and leadership skills and culture transformation.

The Values Coach store offers a variety of books and products on personal, professional, and organizational effectiveness.