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All Hands On Deck

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All Corey Whitaker wanted from the airport limo ride was a few quiet minutes to think about how, in his role as new CEO, he could pull Owatt Hospitality Services back from the brink of bankruptcy. So he was annoyed to learn that someone else would be sharing his limo...until he saw who that person was! In All Hands on Deck, Walt Disney introduces Corey - and you - to some of history's greatest business leaders. As you follow Walt and Corey on their journey in this intriguing story, you will learn how:

  • Henry Ford inspired a company, and changed the world, with a compelling vision
  • Tom Watson created the cultural blueprint that transformed IBM into a powerhouse
  • General Robert Wood Johnson fostered cultural toughness at J&J to turn every adversity into advantage
  • Ray Kroc built a worldwide fast food empire held together with the glue of trust
  • Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard shaped "the HP Way" with the power of stories
  • Mary Kay Ash inspired one of the most enthusiastic sales forces the world has ever seen
  • And a lot more

You cannot hold people accountable for the things that really matter. To compete in today's tough economy, you must have a culture of ownership. In this book, you'll learn how legendary business leaders did it. All Hands on Deck is an inspiring story that takes you - and your business - on the journey of cultural transformation. You will learn practical strategies that will help you build an authentic culture, where employees show up to work for more than just a paycheck, see themselves as partners in the enterprise, and translate their spirit of ownership into sustained high performance. In today's stormy economic seas, you need All Hands on Deck!