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The Heart of A Nurse Leader

This book is both a celebration of the nursing calling and a practical guide to being a better nurse leader. Bob Dent and Joe Tye share values-based life and leadership strategies that every nurse leader needs to know and practice. In this book they will challenge you to be the nurse leader who leads from the heart, and who inspires others to see themselves as leaders no matter what their job title happens to be.


All Hands On Deck

All Corey Whitaker wanted from the airport limo ride was a few quiet minutes to think about how, in his role as new CEO, he could pull Owatt Hospitality Services back from the brink of bankruptcy. So he was annoyed to learn that someone else would be sharing his limo...until he saw who that person was! In All Hands on Deck, Walt Disney introduces Corey - and you - to some of history's greatest business leaders.



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Building a Culture of Ownership in Healthcare, Second Edition

This fully updated second edition of Building a Culture of Ownership in Healthcare takes readers on a journey from accountability to ownership--providing a proven model, strategies, and practical solutions to help improve organizational culture in the healthcare setting. Learn how investing in your organization and your people can enable a significant, successful change in productivity; employee engagement; nurse satisfaction, recruitment, and retention; quality of care; patient satisfaction; and financial outcomes.